New Hope / Lambertville

New Hope is Sophisticated, Laid-Back, and LGBT Friendly

New Hope is a sophisticated, laid-back, LGBT friendly little gem nestled along the Delaware River and Canal. Joined by a bridge, Lambertville is a short walk away. New Hope is the place to visit art galleries, and also a great place to spend enchanting romantic weekends cuddled by the fire at one of the many beautifully restored inns and b&b’s, many built in the 19th century. New Hope’s natural beauty is mesmerizing. It is a place where diversity is the norm and people can truly be themselves, relax, and have some fun. Here is where you’ll find the perfect place to escape the normal routine. Day trips to New Hope are filled with things to do: carriage rides, theaters, museums, and of course, shopping. New Hope is a shopper’s paradise with over 100 shops offering local crafts and beautiful items from around the world. Evenings are perfect for live music and sidewalk people-watching at great local restaurants.

Across the Delaware River is historic Lambertville. Known for being the first city to join a couple in civil union, it is extremely LGBT friendly. Upon visiting, you will find that Lambertville is alive with unconventional ambiance and renowned for its flourishing art galleries. There are antiques, specialty shops, and restaurants. Choices for lodging include luxurious in-town hotels, inns, and b&b’s. During the day you can hop on a bicycle and spend an afternoon on the 30-mile specially-surfaced Delaware & Raritan Canal Tow Path, also popular with walkers, runners, and, when the snow falls, cross-country skiers.

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