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Miami and Miami Beach Extend An Open Invitation Year-Round

Although many tourists think of them as one, Miami and Miami Beach are actually two cities that have something in common. They are both hot in every way imaginable! Located well below Florida’s frost line, their climate is always tropical, and their heat extends to every part of your experience as a visitor. Hot nightlife, cuisine, entertainment, art, music and culture are the essence of Miami and Miami Beach. Credit the Cuban, Caribbean and South American influences for adding a gorgeous Latin personality and warmth to every aspect of these cities. “Muy caliente!” will be the first Spanish words you’ll learn when you ask anyone about Miami and Miami Beach.

Miami and Miami Beach extend an open invitation year-round to the LGBT visitor. You’ll want to check with The Hub – LGBT Center and The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau for the roster of hot annual LGBT parties and events, and for help with all the logistics of your visit.

In February, the Gay8 Festival is a free street fair celebrating the LGBT community in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. In March, the venerable Winter Party Festival is a weeklong benefit reaching a crescendo with a huge and delirious Sunday dance on the beach. In April, the OUTshine Film Festival brings you screenings of great LGBT films at several different venues. Also in April, dazzling Miami Beach Gay Pride is a fabulous spectacle for locals and visitors. In May, long-running Aqua Girl is a lively one-week benefit for the ladies. Also in May, Sizzle Miami is an all-welcoming week celebrating the LGBT community of color. In July, Out In The Tropics is an LGBT performing arts festival. In October, Celebrate Orgullo is a day of events honoring LGBT Latino heritage. In November, the legendary entertainment festival White Party Week continues to be the starring event of the year as it has been for decades.

Where will you stay?
Your choices abound. Consider the comfort and convenience of a dozen Marriott hotels throughout the city and on the beach. Just off Lincoln Road, you’ll find the Hôtel Gaythering to be not just gay but gay fabulous. Similar fine choices for lodging on Miami Beach include The Alexander, the Hotel Victor, Beacon South Beach Hotel, and Design Suites.

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