Provincetown, MA

Relax by day with the many picturesque beaches, art galleries, specialty shopping, then enjoy the evening wiht casual dining and amazing nightlife.

The seaside town of Provincetown or better known as P-Town is at the northern tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Many people arrive by ferry, car or plane to this New England longtime haven for the LGBTQ community filled with hotels, bed and breakfasts and rental properties for your stay. The residence of P-Town are friendly, sociable, and filled with local flavor.

Relax by day with the many picturesque beaches, art galleries, specialty shopping and casual dining spots as you and your friends stroll or bike along Commercial Street. You will be amazed on how convenient and accessible everything is to you in P-Town. Also take in the local sites with tours, the towering Pilgrim Monument, and neighboring Provincetown Museum. While observing people and their interactions, you may make new friends and find old ones. People watching is the number one activity in P-Town day and/or night.

Speaking of night, the nightlife is just as adventurous as the pilgrims landing and living here. There are restaurants, nightclubs, and cabarets for those who like socializing, drinking and dancing within walking and biking distances. The ocean breezes are delightful after a romantic dinner, happy hour, or a night of dancing at the local discotheque. Everyone who has visited P-Town, always returns for more sun, sand, and socializing.

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