Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Is A Dynamic City, Sunup or Sundown.

Philadelphia was founded on principles of equity and freedom of expression more than 300 years ago. Today, the “City of Brotherly Love” is a welcoming place for people from around the world and a friendly destination for gay and lesbian travelers.

Famous as the birthplace of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” the cradle of liberty offers much more than cobblestone streets and historical landmarks. Cultural, culinary, artistic, and ethnic treasures abound in this city and its surrounding countryside.

Philadelphia is a dynamic city, sunup or sundown. By day, explore four centuries of history and architecture, quaint neighborhoods, remarkable museum collections, and endless shopping. When the sun sets, the city heats up with acclaimed performing arts, candlelight tours, delectable dining, and a thriving nightlife.

The heart of historical, business, and cultural activity, gay and otherwise, is Center City (the local term for downtown). Compact and easy-to-navigate streets place the city at your feet. Bring comfortable shoes, because this town is made for walking. Getting to Philadelphia is almost as easy as getting around town once you arrive.

What a vibrant city! Its new skyscrapers, reaching far above William Penn’s hat, atop City Hall, portray a revitalized community. Visit Philadelphia’s art museums, Convention Center, the Gayborhood / Midtown Village, historical district, go shopping, or enjoy the numerous entertainment areas. You’ll find an ongoing kaleidoscope of events, happenings ,and fun.

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